TN native wildflower, the passion flower



TNPS holds annual membership meetings near sites of botanical significance, giving members additional opportunities to meet fellow members and discuss their interests. The two-day annual meetings always include programs about native plants, as well as field trips led by expert field botanists.

While many members have a strong interest in taxonomy, others practice wildflower gardening to various degrees and study methods of propagation. Many members have a strong interest in ecology and conservation, and some pair their photographic skills with their fascination with wildflowers. If you have these interests, we invite you to join us in the enjoyment of our botanical treasures.

TNPS membership includes access to a variety of field trips throughout Tennessee during the growing season, a print or electronic version of our newsletter, and the camaraderie of like-minded native plant enthusiasts.

Lunch on a log Lunch on a log during a wildflower hike.

New Members

We are always interested in welcoming new members! You may join TNPS at anytime by filling out and mailing the membership application with a check for your annual dues, or by completing the online application with payment by credit card or PayPal. Dues for each calendar year currently are: Regular--$20, Institution--$50, and Life--$250. Regular membership includes seniors and families.

Student membership is complimentary and good for four years without renewal. An email address (preferably school-linked) is required for newsletter delivery, plus your expected year of graduation. Please send an email with this information or use the online form. When using the form enter your graduation year in the Comments box, but do not enter an amount or anything else on the PayPal page; the form is received with or without a transaction.

Renewing Members

Membership is renewable at the end of each calendar year. Please send your dues and any postal address or email address changes to: Tennessee Native Plant Society, P.O. Box 159274, Nashville, TN 37215. Or you may make payment by credit card or PayPal using our online form. For address changes between renewal dates, please send an email with your name and address change. Not sure if you've paid your dues? Check your newsletter mailing label—the year through which you have paid dues is printed at the top.

Membership Application: Online Form or Print & Mail Form